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Is your beloved visiting you after a long time? Is she fond of cars? Do you plan to take her on a long drive? If yes, then why don’t you get the servicing of your vehicle done? You can get an enhanced performance so that the car can run smoothly while you are going for a romantic drive. For this, you need to opt for car tuning service. Additionally, you can also let your car look brand new by changing the body. Modification the car’s appearance and enhancement of the performance will prove to be the best option. Your partner will be extremely delighted to see a brand new exterior of your car. So, are you ready for modifying and tuning car? Like you, there are numerous car owners who have opted for this service and got a powerful vehicle that attracts attention. In case you want to know more about this solution, you can seek recommendation from your friends, colleagues or relatives. You will be advised to install a spoiler and even lower the car a bit so that you can gain better control while driving. Besides, you can also look upon to online forms to know more about tuning the car.

As the practice of modifying cars has also become extremely popular, experts around the globe offer this service as well. Several specialized companies have established their car tuning and modification business in their locality. Additionally, they have also come up with a website so that the owners can seek modification advice from the comfort of their home.

Thus, if you are looking for some tips on car engines, then the experts will provide you with engine tuning tips. They understand that this part is often subject for modification; therefore they wouldn’t mind sharing the valuable guidelines with their clients. With this, the car owners will be able to maintain the engine’s performance and even avoid the wear and tear for a long time. So, you can gain the necessary knowledge from the professionals on the web. In case you want to increase the speed and power of your engine, then it is advisable not to do it on your own. As it needs some working on the engine, let the trained and experienced person do the needful. The professional engine tuning service will take care of other aspects like steering and brakes too. It is said that the car will not be able to handle the modification of engine alone; as steering and brakes are the supporting systems, they should be modified as well.

Many assume that if the car has to be completely customized, it will prove to be quite expensive. But, tuning car from an online source can prove to be an affordable option. The cost involved is marginally less. Besides, you can be assured of getting an attractive car in terms of the appearance as well as performance.

Are you worried about the scams on the net? Well, you will find a number of reliable service providers with an expertise of modifying the car.


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This video is for Scott, my GOOD MATE down under. I explain further my take on reed valve operations and why they are so important for high performance DIO or JOG engines.

Limit Pushing – Chrysler 300C Hemi 0-60 Test

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5.9 is the rated 0-60 on the 2005 300C, so we were pleased when we got six flat on the almost four year old car. The 300C: The 300C comes with a 5.7 L Hemi V8. At full power, the 300C creates 340 hp and 390 lbs of torque. This engine runs on four cylinders when less power is needed to reduce fuel consumption. Even with this energy saving mode, the 300C runs at 15 mpg city, 23 mpg highway. All 300Cs use a 5-speed automatic transmission and standard 18 inch chrome-clad alloy wheels. Heritage Edition: The Heritage Edition 300C comes with the 5.7 L Hemi engine and many of the SRT-8’s exterior modification, added chrome, special tires on 18 inch wheels, and smartbeam headlights. Special SRT Packages: In 2007 the SRT Design group created a package for non-SRT 300C’s that includes performance suspension, SRT 20 inch polished aluminum wheels, a high speed engine controller with revised tuning for 5.7 L HEMI that brings the power to 350 HP, high flow air cleaner system, and performance exhaust. The SRT-8: The SRT-8 version of the 300 includes a 6.1 L Hemi V8 which produces 425 hp. This engine produces 0-60 mph times of 5.1 seconds. The SRT-8 includes leather SRT-8 performance seats, 20 inch polished aluminum wheels, Brembo brakes, and rear lip spoiler.

Jet-Tech Max — Fine Tuning Part 1

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From – Fine tuning the Jet-Tech Max software Dynamic Simulation Model to optimise your carburettors unique air and fuel flow characteristics which will in turn enable the software to predict optimised main jet and needle clip positions matched to your engine and exhaust pipe combination.

Tuning a Rc Nitro Engine for Optimal Power – a Guide for Beginners

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imageWhen I first started racing Gas Powered RC cars, I used to struggle to get the engine into tune, while I was able to get the engine to start on a dime and it used to run fine for almost an entire fuel tank, it always seemed to over-heat near the end of the run. After many hours out on the track I can now finally say that I’ve got it down, tuning for me is now a 5 minute operation before I take my RC car out, and once it’s dialed in I only need to adjust one needle a fraction of a turn to get it back to it’s optimal settings.
I assume that your understand the basics of a RC Nitro Engine and how it works, if not please see my other articles which you can find on my website, see the resource box for details.
The Idle Screw
I always start with the idle screw, I adjust it so that the car will idle high when I’m first dialing in the engine. Once I get the engine up to temperature and with a tube that can keep it running without stalling I slowly adjust the idle down to the point where it’s about to stall, then I turn it back about 1/4 to 1/2 turn depending on the temperature. If your car stalls often it can be worth while increasing the idle to prevent this, it’s only a temporary fix while you sort out the other tuning issue, but it helps keep frustration levels down.
Low Speed Needle.
One of the great debates is which needle to adjust first, if your carburetor only has one needle adjustment screw then it’s not a problem, but if like most glow engines you have two you need to decide which to tune first. I always start with the low speed needle, this is because when you adjust the low speed needle you change the high speed needle. Once the low speed needle is dialed in you shouldn’t have to adjust it again. Make sure you keep it slightly on the rich side, when you RC Car idles the combustion chamber should start to fill up with fuel, this helps keep it cool. After a while the engine will stall, by measuring this you can tell if it should be richer or leaner. A good time is about 30 – 60 seconds before it stalls. The RC Car should pull off quickly from a standing start and should not bog down or flame out when you apply full throttle.
High Speed Needle.
Once you have your low speed adjustment needle dialed in it’s time to start getting the power out of the RC engine. This is done with the high speed needle, which adjusts the air to fuel mixture of the engine while it as high RPM (about 40% and up). Keep an eye on the trail of smoke as this is your first clue about the tune. You want to have a lot of smoke coming out of the engine at all RPM, if at some point there is little or no smoke then you are running too lean.
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