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Guangdong In The Steam Car Engine Oil Leakage Need To Overhaul The South

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The “3.15 auto market integrity survey”, Mon 18:00 unannounced visits to the Grand View Road is located in southern Guangdong Automobile Automobile Sales & Service Co., Ltd., have taken place so that all personnel investigation team was unexpected scene: When the Investigators took the camera to take pictures and immediately there were two non-status people, came to snatch the camera in the hands of investigators, to remove the photo. When we show that identity, the other is still Buyiburao, called for the deletion. This grab the camera incident investigation team over the years unannounced visits to the survey for the first time encountered.

    As a responsible business, have confidence in their own businesses, others would casually grab the hands of the camera? Steam in the South can only say that their own lack of confidence, fear of exposure. For the fear of exposure of the business, as the media should just exercise their own rights.

    A product-related services, including pre-sale and after-sale, runs through the good sense of service. Now on the market common phenomenon is a very good pre-sales services, sale of variation, poor after-sales.

    In the absence of steam in the South under the premise of full understanding of the situation grab someone else’s camera, their sense of service is no longer used to describe the difference is entirely possible to use “reckless,” “brutal” and other words, it is difficult to imagine such a 4S store will be a good market prospects and sales. The brand and its agents, to the strongest country in the sense of service to open up markets in Guangzhou, its difficult to imagine.

    SCAS an owner who requested anonymity told the investigation team: “his 2008 Land Rover Range Rover bought, often in tank leaks, engine oil spills. After repair shop, but the question repeatedly.” After the final diagnosis requires overhaul at a cost of 4 million yuan, the owner decided to give up, he said that might be through other means.

They replied that the Land Rover Range Rover (Gallery Forum) as the Land Rover’s flagship product, more than 160 million yuan to buy down, how long is useless does not appear reasonable to the engine such as a big problem. Now the problem arises he is very upset, right in the steam after-sales service has also expressed dissatisfaction with the South.

The Guildford Model Engineering Society 2008 steam rally

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which featured things such as steam locos, 00 railway, 16mm garden railway, 5″ ride on railway, 7 1/4 ride on railway, miniature traction engines, a full size steam roller, a marquee full of models people have made, engineering trade stands and a very playful dog… For those who came, we hope you enjoyed your weekend and will come again next year , and for those who did not come, we hope that you will join us next year, its well worth visiting. a slightly longer version can be seen here


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