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Incentives and internet combine to boost new car sales

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Incentives and internet combine to boost new car sales

The motor industry may have been one of the biggest casualties of the current economic crisis, but recent figures suggest that there may now be light at the end of the tunnel.

New government initiatives to help protect the environment and stimulate new car sales, combined with the increasing popularity of car comparison websites, are playing their part in helping the industry emerge from the recession.

The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) believes recently introduced vehicle scrappage scheme is beginning to have a significant impact on sales of new cars.

According to the latest figures from the SMMT 29,796 vehicles have been registered under the scrappage scheme since it started on May 18.

In June, almost 10% of the total 176,264 new car registrations were as a result of the scrappage incentive scheme, giving a much-needed boost to the UK motor industry.

What’s more, figures for July show that the number of new cars sold actually rose for the first time since April 2008, up 2.4% on the previous month

SMMT chief executive, Paul Everitt said the scrappage incentive scheme is working well and has encouraged a lot more people to consider buying a new car and in coming months, there will be an increase in the rate of deliveries.

This will confirm further progress on the industry’s long road to recovery, he added.

Everitt’s optimism is backed up by government figures which show that more than 35,000 orders for new cars were placed in the first month after the announcement of the £2000 scrappage subsidy. This equates to one scrappage scheme order out of every five new car orders in this period.

Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, and Business Secretary Lord Mandelson have both welcomed the figures.

The PM said he was delighted that so many people had taken up the Government’s offer of help to buy a new car when they scrap their old one.

This scheme not only helps hard-pressed consumers, it also helps protect British jobs by stimulating demand for new cars, he explained.

Lord Mandelson added that he scrappage scheme has got off to a flying start, giving car sales a major boost and the offer of a great deal for consumers.

The Government has set aside £300m for the scrappage scheme, matched with funding from manufacturers.

It is intended to provide immediate support on a short-term basis to boost the car industry and its supply chain in the wake of falling sales. It will also get older vehicles off the road and encourage consumers to invest in new, safer, and potentially more environmentally friendly models.

For new car buyers, the £2,000 grant is made up of £1,000 from government with the remainder being met by the manufacturer.

In total 38 manufacturers have signed up for the scheme, including BMW, Mercedes Benz, Fiat, Volkswagen, Peugeot and Ford.

Meanwhile the internet is also playing its part in helping to drive sales of new cars by helping to match potential buyers with the best deals.

The lean times experienced in the industry have accelerated the willingness of both manufacturers and new car dealers to embrace the internet as a way of making life easier for anyone thinking of buying a new car.

It is estimated that as many as five million potential car buyers in Britain now browse the internet in an effort to find the perfect vehicle for their purposes.

Historically dealers have viewed the internet with suspicion but now they are finding that web-based searches and information exchange websites can help both customers and companies to meet their aims.

One leading website in this field, Mammoth Cars, has developed relationships with franchised dealers across the country in order to offer new car buyers the best prices without having to resort to third party brokers or time consuming journeys to find their ideal vehicle.

Jon Kirk, Marketing Director for said “It’s a great honour to receive this award and we are very grateful to the Institute of Transport Management and its readers for recognising what we have achieved. We’re looking to actively grow our panel of dealers across the UK as quickly as possible so we hope this award will help increase awareness of how dealers and manufacturers can take advantage of the massive opportunity the internet offers but without taking too much risk. Our dealers only pay when people are interested in their deals so they can work with us in a very cost effective way.”

Customers simply access the website to search for their desired vehicle, locally or nationally. What’s more, vehicles can be factory ordered to meet specific requirements and because they are being put in touch with a dealer they can take advantage of other incentives such as the vehicle scrappage scheme.

For dealers, the advantage lies in the inflow of sales leads and customer data needed to follow through and close a deal.

Its efforts have earned it the title of Independent Online Car Sales Portal 2009, an award presented by the Institute of Transport Management (ITM).

ITM Awards Liaison Officer Mr. Philip Leung, said that Mammoth is committed to providing a complete service of convenience to buyers and dealers, taking away much of the hassle and cost involved for the customer in traditional methods of purchase.

He added that it is also providing dealers with strong leads to boost sales, which is particularly important as the industry struggles to get back on its feet after the past year of hardship.

Jon Kirk, Marketing Director at has over 12 year’s experience in internet marketing within the financial services and automotive sectors. He was responsible for the development of Norwich Union Direct’s online home and car insurance products during the late 90’s before being a founding director of online car insurance broker, sold to Swinton Insurance in late 2006. As E-commerce Director for Swinton Insurance, Britains largest high street insurance broker, Jon helped develop their online marketing strategy and products. Jon has been involved in the automotive sector in the marketing of online new car broker and more recently as Marketing Director for the newly launched website, comparing car prices across the UK to find customers the best deals on cars.

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New Car Sales Drops

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New Cars sales recorded their first fall in 12 months in July.New Car Sales fell in July, the first drop in a year, the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders has said.

New car registrations were 136,446 last month, down 13.2% from a year ago, the trade body said, with the end of the New cars scrappage scheme and the fragility in the economy blamed.

However, so far this year, new car sales remain 15% higher on the same period last year.

The SMMT said it expected more than two million new cars to be sold in 2010.

Paul Everitt, the SMMT’s chief executive, said July’s fall was not a surprise.

Best selling New Cars in July

New Ford Fiesta

New Vauxhall Astra

New Vauxhall Corsa

New Ford Focus

New Nissan Qashqai

“A drop in private registrations compared to the scrappage-fuelled months of 2009 was expected,” he said.

“Subdued consumer confidence and a still-fragile economic recovery make the outlook for the remainder of 2010 challenging, but a stronger-than-expected first half means full year volumes are still forecast to exceed 2009’s total.”

The figures also showed that diesel car sales overtook petrol car sales for the first time in July, accounting for 50.6% of the total.

Last year, just under two million new cars were sold in the UK, with the New car scrappage scheme significantly boosting New Car Sales sales following its introduction in May.

The scheme came to an end in March this year, and helped to sell at least 330,000 New cars.   

The SMMT said the outlook for the New car industry in 2010 remained “difficult to predict”.

Recent falls in consumer confidence could see New car sales decline further throughout the year, according to Howard Archer, chief UK economist at IHS Global Insight.

“The more worried that consumers are, the less likely they will be prepared to splash out on as big-ticket an item as a New car,” he said.

“The substantial fiscal squeeze will increasingly hit public sector jobs and consumers’ pockets, while households already face high unemployment, muted earnings growth, elevated debt levels and high fuel prices.”

But he added that 2010 New cars sales could be helped by the planned rise in VAT, due to come into force in January 2011. This could see consumers bring their New car purchases forward to beat the rise.

Industry analysts JD Power said the UK market was not the only one feeling the loss of government scrappage schemes.

Across Western Europe, New Car Sales fell 18.5% in July compared with the same month a year earlier.

Europe’s biggest New car market, Germany, experienced one of the biggest falls. It sold 100,000 fewer New cars last month, a drop of 30.1%.

Only Greece saw a bigger percentage drop – down 62.5% – but its  New car industry is much smaller.

Amongst the other big producers, Italy experienced a drop of 26.4%, while France saw a fall of 12.9%

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Finding New Car Sales

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There are many flaws in the public transportation system. If you are not into commuting using public transport, the best option will be is to buy a new car. This is the point where you will have to ask yourself, whether you should buy a new car or simply settle for a pre-owned one. This is an age old debate that many potential buyers face when deciding if they should look to purchase a new car. After all new car sales are more expensive than pre-owned ones. However, before you begin to go back and forth with this argument, take a look at the most important factor which is price.

When finding new car sales, there are new deals that come up almost every day. Automotive companies are constantly promising new deals with new cars which are safer to drive. If you are looking to buy a new car there are an endless number of options out there. However, in order to benefit from new car sales and make the best choice there are several factors to be taken into consideration.

When finding new car sales one of the top things you should do is to research the car sales market. Spend some time browsing through new car models and look at car magazines that advertise various car models along with prices each week. Automotive magazines always point to finding new car sales and best car deals. Look at all the safety features and ensure that the money you will be spending on a new car is well worth it. One of the best places to look for new car sales is on the internet. The internet promotes several automotive websites which offer new car deals, sometimes even slashing down the price.

You can also look at the features of the car you would like to own. This is one way you can decide on the model that you would like to be driving around. Several cars may have similar features you are looking for. The next step to buying a new car is to see which car would suit your budget the most. You have now come to the point where you have sufficient knowledge on new cars in the market and what you are really interested in. The final step is to visit one of these new car sales and have a chance to actually see the cars in person.

When finding new car sales the best option would be is to visit the store and have a salesman knowledgeable in cars assist you. Remember that prices quoted at car dealerships are always negotiable. After all there is a profit margin that car sales retain upon selling a car. There is a distinction between the actual price of the car and the price they quote you. You can negotiate on that difference which ranges between ten and twenty percent. Generally, car deals that you will find difficult to negotiate on are the ones that attract a lot of interest by many potential buyers. The more people are interested in a car model, the less the discount will be. Jus keep in mind that buying a new car entails additional cost such as taxes and registration. So take your own time in determining the best new car deal.

There are always new cars for sale coming on to the market. A good way to look out for new car sales is to visit different online car sales websites.

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New Car Sales, Car Reviews : Discounted New Car

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Car is a big investment and a sign of luxury and needs to be purchased carefully. When you plan to buy a car, the first question which comes to your mind is, if you want to buy a new car or settle for an old one. Obviously, new car is expensive as compared to pre – owned car. If money is not a constraint, then it would be better to buy a new car rather then a used one.

There are large numbers of people who are passionate about new cars and would buy any new car launched in the market. They prefer the best model with advanced features. In the technical world, you don’t have to worry about anything. There are a number of websites that offers new car sales services. Now you can select the best model with great price in front of your computer without any hassle. One such website is Private Fleet which provides best car buying services for car lovers in Australia.

It is always a good idea to refer to car reviews before picking one. These car reviews ensures that the prospective customer has maximum knowledge about the car before he reaches the showroom to buy a new car. Car reviews gives you information about almost all aspect of the car and help you decide on the best one. Online purchasing gives you enormous extra benefits. You don’t have to make any effort. The online services include all the hard work for you. You will get the product at your home with complete details. In case of any doubt read the reviews about the company. Collect the complete information about the company. If you think company is reliable then you can place an online order.

You are not a professional car buyer or not very confident about choosing the right car, it would be better to take help from some car broker. Car brokers have the complete knowledge about the market and latest models. Car broker can help you get a great car within your budget. However, it is essential that you consider a reliable broker.

There are online brokers that can help you in making a sound investment. You can also interact with brokers face to face or through your telephone. In this way, you can enjoy a great experience while you are buying a new car.


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The Best Way To Find Engineering jobs

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imageEngineering generally involves the application of scientific principles for practical uses. The quintessential examples of engineering are the pulley, lever and the wheel. These simple principles have had far reaching impact on our lives and this is the role that engineering plays in our lives – it makes things easier.

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