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Monthly Automotive Maintenance Part 7

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imageMaintaining the health and well-being of your vehicle between regular recommended tune-ups is up to you. The manufacturers and the designers of your car, created the best possible automobile for your needs, with the belief that you depend on your vehicle, which you do. In return for providing you with safe, reliable, and comfortable transportation, your car only asks in return to be taken care of and treated with respect. This means that you need to keep an eye and an ear open for any problems or concerns that arise with any and all of the gadgets, thingies, and doo-dads that make your car go.

The list below will give you an idea of what to be aware of and to watch out for that may indicate a potential repair issue. In addition to the other topics we have already discussed in the previous articles. Important items to check every month 1.    Inspect the battery, for any corrosion or leakage. If there is any, then replace the battery immediately. 2.    Open the hood and have a listen for any noises that just don’t sound quite right. After you have owned your car for a little while, you will become familiar with the normal sounds that your engine makes when the car is running as it should. If you do hear any unusual sounds, and cannot determine what is causing the noise, take the car in to be serviced. 3.    While the engine is running, check to be sure that each of the lights is working properly. Head lights, taillights, turn signals, back-up lights, and the dashboard (instrument panel) lights. If one or more is not working, check the wiring, and the bulbs, to determine if any need to be replaced. 4.    Turn on the windshield wipers, if they are not in good contact with the windshield; push them down just a touch. If the blades are damaged, replace them. 5.    Check the pressure level on all four tires, and the spare. If any are low, take them to a gas station, and fill them up. 6.    Also inspect the tread on the tires, if the wear seems uneven, you should consider having the tires rotated. 7.    Take a look under the car, if you see any spots on the ground, find out what is leaking. If you cannot repair the leak yourself, take the car in for an early check up.

Items you may want to have on hand It is a good idea to keep in your garage, a few of the more important necessities for minor repair issues. Just in case you need them immediately. There isn’t always a service station or a hardware store open when you need one.

•    Motor oil •    Brake fluid •    Transmission fluid •    Tire gauge •    Spark plugs •    Coolant and purified water •    Hoses, vacuum and basic •    Belts, for the important parts such as the clutch •    Filters, air, and oil •    Fuses, in a variety of sizes and for various needs •    Windshield washer fluid •    Bulbs for the lights


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