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Testing the Comfort, Great Looks, and Superior Performance of Cool New Cars

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Travel can be accomplished in two ways. That of comfort and that of great look and superior performance. To help the individual stand out from the rest there are plenty of cool new cars to be found. These cars are built for speed, looks and they come with a host of impressive equipment speak of luxury.

You will most of the top automotive dealers engaged in the production of the cool new cars. The price bracket for the various cars will depend on the car brand, the type of car, what features have been added to it and how old the car is. You will find these various details out when you start the hunt for the best cool car of your dreams.

The more expensive cool new cars are ones like the Saab Aero X. This cool car has a stylish interior and exterior. It is a two-seater sports coupe. Unlike other cars that you will find in the industry this Saab does not have any doors, but getting in and out of the car is very easy because of the low slung cabin. The additional feature of this car is that there is a cockpit like canopy that offers the driver a full 180 degree vision.

Now this you have to admit is one of the cool new cars to hit the car market. You will also look fantastic driving in this Saab Aero X. Another of the cool new cars that you will find is that of the Lamborghini Murcielago roadster. This roadster is considered to be the number one coolest car around.

When you drive in one of these cars you will be living in yours and every kid’s dream car. This cool car is very stylish looking and the 580 horsepower along with the four wheel drive makes this a fantastic car to drive. As with all of the Lamborghini cool new cars the doors of this model also open in the upwards style that is the trademark of this car range.

To get the ultimate in American sports cars you should look at the Dodge Viper. This is a car that demands attention from those passing the Viper by and even from the driver of this magnificent vehicle. The cost of buying this ultimate in affordable sports cars is that of 0,000.

These are just a few of the many cool new cars you will find. While there are many more cool cars, there is no way to let you see the raw power and beauty of these beautiful works of art. The only way you can experience this feeling is to see them up close and personal.

Buy tested for performance used engine from Automotix

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Today buying brand new car engine is not preferred by most of the people. The reasons are many but the most important reason is that they are quite expensive. As an alternative to them, used engines are preferred by millions of vehicle owners that are not just cheap in price but even as good in quality as compared to the brand new engines available at the company’s show room.


It was the thing of past when it was difficult to find the used engine of the preferred model or make of the vehicle. But thanks to online stores like Automotix that has made it possible to buy any used car engine irrespective of the model or make.  To make the shopping of these parts more advantageous for the customers, this online store even offers the warranty on these parts. Thus it is sure that any car engine that you buy from this store is tested to yield best results.


Earlier the main source of buying used engines was junkyards or scrap yards. However there were various limitations that used to compel the person seeking used engine to go for the new ones. Like it was very time killing to select the desired part out of the huge stock of scraps, also it was not possible to get the quality assurance from the junk dealers for the used parts that gradually turn the deal into a loss giving deal. But now there are options available by which you can select the desired used engine for your vehicle that are tested for performance and that can be obtained at a bargain price that too without wasting much time. If you are excited to know how, then Automotix has the answer for all your queries.


Automotix is the largest marketplace that has the largest collection of used engines as well as transmissions. For saving the precious time of its customers, Automotix offers the option of finding the required used engine or parts with the help of an effective tool known as used parts locator. Thus with the help of this tool the person can search out for the required part in no time.


The main aim of founding Automotix was to provide relief to the vehicle owners who are unable to afford the high costs of brand new auto parts that are too expensive to buy at the company’s showroom. The used car engine or other parts purchased from Automotix are not just guaranteed to yield best results but are even very competitive in prices also. To ensure what it claims is right it offers the second to none 1 year warranty on all the used parts. Thus there remains no doubt on the quality as well. So if you are budget conscious and if you want to get the best that your vehicle deserves then Automotix is surely the best option you must go for.


It is yet another specialty of Automotix that it is one such website that is highly innovative and committed in providing best what a customer must get. It not only holds the largest inventory of used auto parts but also make it very fast and  efficient for the customers to get the part they need. So, why to worry for the poor performance of your vehicle when Automotix is there to help you out?

Ways To Improve Engine Performance

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Engine is the heart of any automotive. Whether it is a passenger car, a two-wheeler, or a commercial vehicle, all automotives need engines to run. It’s the engine that generates power and transforms the fuel energy to kinetic energy of the wheels. Therefore, it is very important to monitor and maintain the performance levels of the engine.

Here are best ways to improve engine performance:

Engine Displacement

Engine displacement is defined as the total volume of air and fuel mixture that the car engine draws during one complete cycle moved by the piston from the top dead center to the bottom dead center. Dead center is the position of the piston when it is farthest or nearest to the crankshaft.

To improve engine performance, it is very important to increase engine displacement. This is because if the engine draws higher volume of air and fuel mixture, it will definitely generate more power. This can simply be done by increasing the size of the cylinder or by adding more number of cylinders to the engine. These cylinders play a significant role in the car engine as both compression and combustion takes place in these cylinders. Therefore, if the size is more, more mixture can be fused it, which in turn will generate higher power output. This improves engine efficiency.

Engine Compression Ratio

Compression ratio is the degree to which air and fuel mixture in the internal combustion engine is compressed before ignition. Increasing this ratio is one of the best ways to increase power and torque, thereby improving engine performance.

Higher compression ratio enables the car engine to extract more energy from the given volume of air and fuel mixture. It also causes better mixing of the power. This in turn, produces enhanced power during ignition and extracts more useful energy from the withdrawn power.


An intercooler is a device used in car engine to cool the air between successive heating stages. Air outside is comparatively hot and therefore it is very important to cool the air before fueling it into the engine. Later compressed air raises the temperature due to high pressure generated by the movement of the piston in the engine.

Hot air expands less during combustion and reduces the amount of energy generated. The air should always be cool before it enters the engine cylinder and that’s why intercoolers are usually placed in the most of the turbocharged and supercharged cars.

Modification and tuning a car to get a new look and performance

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Is your beloved visiting you after a long time? Is she fond of cars? Do you plan to take her on a long drive? If yes, then why don’t you get the servicing of your vehicle done? You can get an enhanced performance so that the car can run smoothly while you are going for a romantic drive. For this, you need to opt for car tuning service. Additionally, you can also let your car look brand new by changing the body. Modification the car’s appearance and enhancement of the performance will prove to be the best option. Your partner will be extremely delighted to see a brand new exterior of your car. So, are you ready for modifying and tuning car? Like you, there are numerous car owners who have opted for this service and got a powerful vehicle that attracts attention. In case you want to know more about this solution, you can seek recommendation from your friends, colleagues or relatives. You will be advised to install a spoiler and even lower the car a bit so that you can gain better control while driving. Besides, you can also look upon to online forms to know more about tuning the car.

As the practice of modifying cars has also become extremely popular, experts around the globe offer this service as well. Several specialized companies have established their car tuning and modification business in their locality. Additionally, they have also come up with a website so that the owners can seek modification advice from the comfort of their home.

Thus, if you are looking for some tips on car engines, then the experts will provide you with engine tuning tips. They understand that this part is often subject for modification; therefore they wouldn’t mind sharing the valuable guidelines with their clients. With this, the car owners will be able to maintain the engine’s performance and even avoid the wear and tear for a long time. So, you can gain the necessary knowledge from the professionals on the web. In case you want to increase the speed and power of your engine, then it is advisable not to do it on your own. As it needs some working on the engine, let the trained and experienced person do the needful. The professional engine tuning service will take care of other aspects like steering and brakes too. It is said that the car will not be able to handle the modification of engine alone; as steering and brakes are the supporting systems, they should be modified as well.

Many assume that if the car has to be completely customized, it will prove to be quite expensive. But, tuning car from an online source can prove to be an affordable option. The cost involved is marginally less. Besides, you can be assured of getting an attractive car in terms of the appearance as well as performance.

Are you worried about the scams on the net? Well, you will find a number of reliable service providers with an expertise of modifying the car.

Looking for the genuine high performance used car engine? Look at Automotix

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Just imagine the situation that you are going to start your day and you realize that the engine of your favorite car is dead! Isn’t a horrifying situation depending upon the present situation of the economy when it is really very hard to even think of buying brand new expensive car engine or other part from the company’s showroom? But do you want to know the best way to get rid of this problem? If your answer is yes then used car engine or parts can definitely solve your purpose.


Used car engine or parts Vs new car engine or parts: the comparison

If we compare the brand new car engine or other parts of a vehicle with the used engine and other parts then there are several differences that are worth considering before actually making the final buy. Some of the main points of differences prevailing between them include the following:


1. Cost: The major difference between the brand new part and the used auto part is that of the price. The brand new parts or engines are undoubtedly very expensive as compared to the used parts. Thus if the person opts for buying the used part or engine instead of the brand new part then it is sure the saving would be in between 50 to 75%.


2. Performance: Though cost is a major factor to be considered on priority before buying anything but more important point to be considered than that is the factor of performance. If the used parts are very cheap but with the worst performance then there is surely no reason to go for them. However as against this if the used engine is equally comparable in performance to that of the brand new car engine then it is definitely a better option to buy them and save good amount of money.


3. Reliability: It is yet another factor that is very important to consider before deciding whether to buy used engine or the new one. It is often seen that old parts are generally less reliable as compared to the brand new ones. However there are several stores that provide warranty on even the used parts or engines and so there is not at all any problem in going for such parts. Etc.


The above mentioned are just few factors that are very important to be kept in mind before deciding to buy the used engine or the new one. The clear scrutiny of these factors yield that if the used engines or parts are available that are highly reliable and that are best in performance with very low cost then it is surely the prudent option to go for them only instead of the new ones. But now the question emerges from where to get such parts or engines and the answer is from Automotix.


Automotix is one of a kind online store that is known to provide the largest inventory of used auto parts that are not just best in price but tested for safety and high performance.  To ensure complete peace of mind to the customers it offers the option of 1 year warranty on all the used parts and engines. So what else you need? Visit Automotix now and get the best for your vehicle now!

Used engine from Automotix are tested for performance. Buy the quality car engine from here now!

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Hulk Hogan Chasing Pirates on a Pantera Offshore Powerboat

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Thunder in paradise with Hulk Hogan chasing pirates on a Pantera 28 offshore Powerboat with a high performance engine. The hulk is driving a canopied scarab with an unusual cockpit. Lot of other funny things to watch for in this flash back. Pantera brand boats go back to 1974 and even on Miami’s famous thunderboat row with Don Aronow, apache boats, cigarette powerboats and others. Please visit our company home page to see more pictures of our 35 year history of racing and boat building at We also have a small owners gallery and some great photos there.

Vw Performance Parts – Engine Upgrades

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imageIf you’re like me you want your car to go faster. There are a few easy ways to get more “fast” out of your volkswagen. Depending on what type of VW you have the selection of parts available to you will vary wildly. There are a lot of people out there tuning their Golf/GTI but obviously there are a lot fewer Toureg parts out there.There is a large community of VW tuners out there and visiting the forums where these people hang out is a very good idea. They can give you an idea of what to expect out of various aftermarket parts. If the part exists the chances are good that someone on these forums has tried it out and written about it. This may sound silly but a couple of the best things you can do to make sure your car is running its best is to get your car a tune up and an oil change. Adding performance parts to a car that isn’t already running its best isn’t going to be nearly as effective. Another important but overlooked thing is making sure your tires are properly inflated. This can improve the handling of your VW as well as ensure you’re getting optimum gas mileage. Once these basic steps have been completed there’s a few other things you can do to upgrade your ride.Engine / Power Upgrades1) Upgrade your intake. This can be as simple as making sure your current air filter is clean. The more air your engne can get the better it will run. The next easiest option is to install a high performance air filter that replaces the stock one. These provide better air flow which should increase engine power slightly. The next step after that would be to install a complete aftermarket intake system. Cold Air Intakes draw cool air from outside the engine compartment rather than regular systems which suck in hot air from around your engine. Most of these systems are fairly easy to install and can be done yourself in a few hours or less. An aftermarket intake can cost anywhere from $50 all the way up to $300.2) Upgrade your headers: The headers and downpipe is where the exhaust first leaves your engine on its way toward the atmosphere. Higher performance headers allow more exhaust fumes to escape, which can give a dramatic increase to horsepower. Aftermarket header prices can range from a couple hundred dollars to well over $1000 depending on what type of vehicle you have and what brand you choose. One thing to look out for is that cheaper headers tend to have fitment issues (you can’t get them to line up correctly for a simple bolt-on installation), and they may have resonance issues. Resonance is caused by the exhaust vibrating the metal and will create a noise that bothers most people. Headers can be installed yourself if you’re experienced enough.3) Catback exhaust: These exhaust systems start where the headers end. They connect to the Catalytic converter and replace the entire exhaust system to the back of the car. Depending on how free flowing the stock exhaust is on your car this may be one of the last upgrades you choose to do. These exhaust systems aren’t cheap and may require welding and/or professional installation. They usually give your car a higher performance sound over the stock setup. It is also possible to just replace the mufflers if all you care about is the sound.4) Tires. Probably the most overlooked performance enhancement you can do for your car is to replace the tires. Adding lots of engine power won’t do you any good if you can’t get that power to the pavement. Replacing your tires with a wider tire or tires with a stickier compound will help you get more traction. Choosing tires is usually a compromise between Performance, Ride Comfort, and Tread Life. High performance tires don’t last as long as regular ones. High performance tires can cost quite a bit of money too.5) Underdrive Pulleys. You can reclaim some lost power from your engine by installing a lightweight crank pulley. These are made of aluminum and tend to weigh several times less than the stock ones they replace. Underdrive pulleys are slightly smaller than the stock ones, which means they turn the accessories they operate at a slightly lower speed. This isn’t a problem for most people unless they have a huge stereo system. These pulleys are usually less than a couple hundred dollars, and can be installed yourself. You will need a breaker bar to get the old one off, and a serious torque wrench to attach the new one. The last thing you want is the pulley coming off while you’re driving down the freeway!6) Turbochargers. If you have lots of money and are serious about upgrading your car a turbo kit might be what you need. Turbos use the exhaust from your engine to spin a turbine, which forces air into your engine. This pressurizes the air and improves horsepower dramatically. These are not very likely to be something you would install yourself. They also may require other modifications to your car, so the cost is out of reach for most people.I hope you’ve learned some of the basics of how you can upgrade your VW to get better performance out of it. Just remember to do your research before making a purchase, as there are a lot of products out there attempting to scam people like us.

Limit Pushing – Chrysler 300C Hemi 0-60 Test

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5.9 is the rated 0-60 on the 2005 300C, so we were pleased when we got six flat on the almost four year old car. The 300C: The 300C comes with a 5.7 L Hemi V8. At full power, the 300C creates 340 hp and 390 lbs of torque. This engine runs on four cylinders when less power is needed to reduce fuel consumption. Even with this energy saving mode, the 300C runs at 15 mpg city, 23 mpg highway. All 300Cs use a 5-speed automatic transmission and standard 18 inch chrome-clad alloy wheels. Heritage Edition: The Heritage Edition 300C comes with the 5.7 L Hemi engine and many of the SRT-8’s exterior modification, added chrome, special tires on 18 inch wheels, and smartbeam headlights. Special SRT Packages: In 2007 the SRT Design group created a package for non-SRT 300C’s that includes performance suspension, SRT 20 inch polished aluminum wheels, a high speed engine controller with revised tuning for 5.7 L HEMI that brings the power to 350 HP, high flow air cleaner system, and performance exhaust. The SRT-8: The SRT-8 version of the 300 includes a 6.1 L Hemi V8 which produces 425 hp. This engine produces 0-60 mph times of 5.1 seconds. The SRT-8 includes leather SRT-8 performance seats, 20 inch polished aluminum wheels, Brembo brakes, and rear lip spoiler.


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