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Top 3 Ways Honda Improved Fuel Efficiency of Its I-vtec Engine

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Honda, a leading Indian car manufacturer, had introduced a revolutionary car engine in the global car market. The engine was designed to meet the increasing demand of improved performance and fuel-efficiency. The new engine was first fitted in the Honda Civic to achieve a perfect blend of power, performance, and fuel-efficiency.


After the engine was fitted in the Civic, it was modified and altered to have better power and performance. The evolution of the VTEC engine proved a blessing when fitted in the all-new Honda City. The intelligent VTEC (Variable Valve Timing and Electronic Lift Control) system ensures maximum efficiency by switching the valve timings of inlet and exhaust valves of the car engine. It is also considered to be one of the best engines that deliver powerful, torque performance and excellent mileage.


The all-new Honda City with the advanced i-VTEC engine carves its own niche in the Indian car market. It has been a great success in winning hearts of car consumers. It is designed with innovative technologies and technical precision that ensures excellence in all arenas including driving pleasure, engine performance, and low fuel-consumption.


The key factor that contributed to the success of the new City is its powerful and effective i-VTEC engine. Honda’s engineers have fine tuned every engine component of the car engine make its more efficient than the traditional car engines.


Following are the top 3 ways Honda improved fuel-efficiency of its i-VTEC engine:


Patterned Piston Coating


One of the best ways to improve fuel-efficiency is to reduce friction. Honda engineers tuned the engine components including the piston to help improve fuel-efficiency. In order to do so the engineers have modified shape of the area around the piston and also made minor adjustments in the surface configuration. They gave a patterned surface to the piston coating to ensure reduction of friction and enhanced fuel-efficiency.


Auto-Tensioner with Drive-Belt


Auto tensioners help automatic regulation of the closing and opening of the intake and exhaust valves of the engine. When fitted with the drive belt, it helps in controlling the tension of the timing belts which further monitors the ignition timings. Honda engineers fitted the auto-tensioner with the auxiliary drive belt that connects the crankshaft and the camshaft. The tensioner in connection with the drive-belt absorbs all variations in the tension created due to speed changes. This regulation eventually helps improve fuel-efficiency.


Plastic Covering


It’s a fact that the car weight plays a significant role in increasing or reducing fuel-efficiency. If the weight of the car is more, the engine will need more power to pull the car and if the weight is reduced, comparatively less power is required for acceleration. With this fact, Honda’s engineers decided to reduce the car weight by replacing aluminum engine cover with plastic covers. This has reduced the weight of the engine by about one kilogram, thereby reducing overall weight of the car and increasing fuel-efficiency.


Sea Foam Fuel Additive – Give Your Car Engine A Longer Life

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The words ‘sea foam’ reminds me of the calm and soothing light green color of the sea. But there exists a fuel additive known as the Sea Foam Fuel Additive which is used to clean the carburetor of your car. Cleaning the carburetor with the sea foam fuel additive will give the car a well tuned and more efficiently running engine. The Sea Foam Motor treatment product has been in the market for some time now, since 1942 to be precise. It was initially developed to remove the varnish in the carburetors of the outboard engines.

In the present times it is being used as an all round cleaner for anything coming in contact with gasoline or diesel, but mainly to clean fuel injectors and carburetors. Manufacturers claim that it is a fuel stabilizer, an engine top lube, de-icer and dry gas. They also claim that using sea foam fuel smoothens the running of the car engine. Since there is a money back guarantee, one has nothing to lose.

Since Sea Foam Motor treatment works as a fuel additive, it also helps to improve the performance of your car’s engine and helps it run cleaner and better than ever before. All that needs to be done is to add it to your car’s gas tank and let it work its magic. Plenty of fuel additives are available in the market, but research shows that Sea Foam Fuel Additive provides greater benefits to your car’s engine, as compared to other brands.

Gasoline clogs up an engine. However, if you use Sea Foam Fuel additive, the car will perform smoothly and efficiently because the additive helps to clean out the various parts of the engine. Cars running on gasoline tend to emit substances that are harmful to the environment. Sea foam fuel additive helps to reduce the toxic emissions which are released in the air because it is a completely natural product.

That is what is required for today’s world – an environmentally friendly product. It is a good way to do our bit to protect nature from the harmful substances being released in the air; to show that we care.

How does one go about procuring Sea Foam Fuel Additive? You can visit the local automotive store for your supply. Or, if you are disappointed there you can always check it out on the Internet. There are many websites selling Sea foam fuel additives online, which can be easily ordered. Once it reaches you the rest is simple: just pour it into the gas tank and watch the difference it makes to your car’s performance!

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Tricycle with four-stroke engine

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This tricycle was built from scratch by Peter Hahn (seen riding the bike). It is powered by a home-made 1-cylinder 150 ccm 4-stroke internal combustion engine (Otto engine), powered with propane gas and water-cooled (built in 2004). The transmission is belt-driven.

eefuel, Fuel Legacy in the News. Forget Fuel Freedom & Ethos

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Fuel Additives For Winter

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imageThe right fuel additive mixes in with the gasoline and helps to keep the fuel from gelling or freezing, even in coldest temperatures. It helps keep the fuel line from freezing up, and it even makes the fuel more efficient. Meaning, you might save some money at the pump. What’s more to know, the additive has a detergent quality, and actually cleans out your car’s fuel injection system and entire fuel system. In this day and age of pollution, your additive can also reduce the amount of black smoke emitted by your car, helping keep the air a little cleaner. As if all this wasn’t enough, a fuel additive for the winter provides your car protection against rust, and gives anti-wear protection for your fuel injectors. This can make your car actually last longer. If you’re not interested in purchasing an additional product for your car, it might interest you to know that the gas stations actually sell you a different kind of gas in the winter, one that is specially designed to function well in colder temperatures. This gas is called methyl tertiary butyl ether (MTBE). Although you can purchase this type of gas at the pump, it doesn’t have all of the benefits that fuel additive does, including the detergent benefits. It does move a little quicker through your car’s fuel injection system than a summer-type gasoline when subjected to freezing temperatures, so you may want to check with your favorite gas station to find out if they carry MTBE and when they start selling it. You may still find that your car behaves a bit sluggishly, even with the winter gas or a gas additive. If this is the case, and you’ve taken these precautions, you may want to have your car’s battery checked. After all, there are many components to a car, and they should all be working properly in order to give you the best performance possible from your automobile.

Water Powerd Cars – How To Run On Water Instead of Fuel

Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , , Water Powerd Cars – How To Run On Water Instead of Fuel Wanna know how to easily save hundreds each month by running your car on water instead of fuel gasoline? You can do that quickly and easily these days and save the earth as well.

edelbrock carbs?


I bought a new 600 cfm manual choke edelbrock carb for my freshly built 302 ford. Im ignitions is 100% timing is great and fuel pump is good. Air filter and fuel filter are clean and new. I put the carb on about 2 weeks ago and I was very impressed at first. now my car is very hesitant and Im loosing power. Car runs smooth and no matter where I adjust the fuel mixture screws it still runs the same. Has anyone else have problems with these carb’s?
Ive checked the compression on all cylinders and all check at 175


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