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Five Most Essential Car Engine Maintenance Tips

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As we all know, the engine falls as important to a car as the heart to a human body.  Thus, its being fine tuned is not only important for trouble free performance but also the longevity of a car. Still, the car engine maintenance is one of the most neglected aspects of the overall maintenance of a car. Here are some essential car engine maintenance tips by following which you can not only keep the performance of the engine up to the mark but can also keep your pocket safe from heavy engine repair bills.

1)Regular Oil Change: – It is the most important and a must follow engine maintenance tip. One should strictly follow the oil change schedule provided by the company in order to keep the lubrication level up to the mark in the engine components. The engine oil catches metal particles and dirt with the time and if not changed at right time, it can affect the engine life very badly.

2)Avoid rough driving: – One should avoid driving vehicle roughly and should adopt engine friendly driving habits like using proper speed-gear combination and avoid overheating of the engine.

3)Maintaining Fluid Level: – The cooling system maintains the engine temperature and keeps it safe from overheating. Thus, maintaining the fluid level in the cooling system is very important and should be checked / refilled on a regular basis.

4)Listen to your car: – Keep a close eye on the performance of every component and scrutinize it carefully as soon as you hear any unusual sound coming out from any component. Even a faulty spark plug or a raddled air filter can prove harmful for over all engine unit, thus these components should be repaired / replaced as soon as you find a problem in any one of them.

5)Regular Service:- One should strictly follow the service schedule recommended by the company. The service includes checking / repairing / cleaning / replacing of many essential components of the engine system. Thus, it falls highly essential for the life and performance of the engine, in a longer run.

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