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New Prius :Salt Lake New Car Dealer loves new Prius Plug-In

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Toyota has consistently ranked as the most environmentally friendly car company, thanks in large part to the Prius. The quintessential gas-electric hybrid is a contributor to Toyota’s reputation for innovation and sustainable mobility, and the automaker isn’t going to stop there.The Prius Plug-in Hybrid will go into full-scale production in 2012 and is expected to hit your Salt Lake new car dealer shortly after. The Plug-in Prius is impressive enough, but Toyota is even taking another step forward in electric mobility.


Toyota will introduce the Plug-in Prius with a feature that is sure to electrify you. Draper residents can opt for one of two in home electric car chargers, one of which can be mounted to an exterior wall and the other inside of a garage. The introduction on in home charging stations prevents drivers from having to go to fuel stations and allows for a longer drive range.


Other than the addition of extra batteries and a plug, the Plug-in Prius is nearly identical to the convention Prius. Another distinction is the lithium-ion batteries used in the Plug-in version, replacing the nickel-metal hydride batteries. The lithium-ion batteries cost less and charge quicker, making the Plug-in more compatible for real world driving habits. Much like the current model available at your Salt Lake City used car dealer , the Prius Plug-in will come standard with a 1.8-liter engine that works with an electric motor.


The outside of the Plug-in will be easy to distinguish from the convention model currently at your <a rel=”nofollow” onclick=”javascript:_gaq.push([‘_trackPageview’, ‘/outgoing/article_exit_link/4625940’]);” href=”</strong><a rel=”nofollow” onclick=”javascript:_gaq.push([‘_trackPageview’, ‘/outgoing/article_exit_link/4625940’]);” href=””>“>Salt Lake new car dealer </a>. Silver accents on the car’s door handles give the Plug-in a refined appearance that is lacking in most other hybrids. The dramatically swept back windshield creates an aerodynamic stance that is enhanced by the arched roofline. Another difference that Draper residents can expect to see is the low slung hood which guides your eyes to the reshaped front bumper that is embedded with the plug-in port. The Plug-in’s small body is not indicative of its roomy interior,which is another trait that most other hybrids tend to skimp on.


Including plenty of passenger space,the Plug-in will arrive at your Salt Lake new car dealer with a completely redesigned interior. The driver oriented dash features graphic indicators which display electric-only range remaining, EV driving compared to hybrid driving, battery condition and more. Keyless entry gives the car an upscale allure that is furthered by the available leather seats and leather wrapped steering wheel.


The current Prius at your  Salt Lake City used car dealer is the top selling hybrid on the market, which means the only competitor that Toyota has is themselves. The arrival of the Plug-in Prius may be what will surpass the conventional Prius and the addition of home chargers certainly doesn’t hurt. Another asset of the home chargers is the fact that they will be compatible with other vehicle makes, making them a versatile option for eco-friendly drivers.


About the Author: Theodore Pagan is a freelance writer and an automotive expert. His article contains information for Salt Lake City used car dealer customers about vehicles at their Salt Lake new car dealer.

3 Buying New Car Tips That Will Save You from Being Ripped Off By a Car Dealer

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Do you know that there are 3 very basic but extremely efficient buying new car tips that will help you big time when it comes to negotiating car purchase?

OK. Here’s how it goes. Usually.

You’ve decided that you want a new car.

You’ve surfed the Internet a bit so you can get an idea about what type of car is right for your needs. In the process your attention was grabbed by the models you can’t afford. Anyhow, in the end you’ve come up with a half of an idea about the car you’re willing to spend your hard earned dollars on.

Now you go to a dealer.

And buy a totally different car.

And yes, it doesn’t fit all your needs. And, yes, the monthly payments are a little bit higher than what you’ve intended to pay. But, hey, that was the best deal ever!

You go home with a big smile all over your face… totally unaware that you’ve just been ripped off… (You get that afterwards when it’s too late.)

Now, What can you do to prevent such a scenario?

Let me assure you one thing: you are not stupid.

You’re just a human.

What you need to understand is that as being a human your emotions play big role in your decision making behavior. That is something every car dealer knows.

And abuses. You’ve been manipulated.

The 3 main emotional triggers that car dealers use are fear of loss, prestige and value.

The first thing a car dealer will try to figure out about you is which model you’re interested in and what makes you excited. Then he will make you believe that there’re only a few models left. Your fear of loss will do the charm – you’re on the road to make a hasty decision.

The second emotional trigger is all about prestige. A car dealer will make you feel like a million bucks when driving the vehicle. They’ll even ask questions like “Will this fit into your garage?” which assumes mental ownership because now you can picture the vehicle in your garage.

The third thing is to make you believe that in case you want to resell the vehicle it has great value. This is an absolute nonsense because almost every car loses an average of 25% the first year.

OK. Now, when you know a few car dealers secrets let me tell you how you can help yourself.

There are 3 buying new car tips that you can use to gain a competitive advantage:

1. Before you even think to go to a car dealer you need to make a pretty firm decision what make and model you’re interested in. Gather as much information as possible about it. Make your choice in advance. This will prevent a car dealer to talk you into something that doesn’t fit your needs.

2. Call the dealership before going to test drive. Most dealerships have an Internet Department and will sell their vehicles for less than by just walking in. Contact this department first.

3. Don’t negotiate payments, just total amount of purchase. Most buyers fall into the trap of monthly payments and do not look at the total overall cost of their purchase.

There you have it – three basic but very powerful buying new car tips. Use them.

Baltimore New Cars – Why You Need a Car Dealer to Help You Out

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Baltimore New Cars – Why You Need a Car Dealer to Help You Out

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Baltimore New Cars – Why You Need a Car Dealer to Help You Out

By: Richard Trott
Posted: Aug 13, 2010


Baltimore New Cars – Why You Need a Car Dealer to Help You Out

Whether you have plans of looking at Baltimore new cars or Baltimore used cars, you should visit a car dealer to get one. In fact, it would be especially smart to run to dealers when it comes to used cars. Fortunately, there are various dealers in Baltimore that you can trust and you can buy various cars from, such as a Baltimore Chevy, a Baltimore GMC or even a Baltimore Isuzu.

Now, more important than choosing the kind of car to buy would be choosing a car dealer that is actually trustworthy. Your dealer needs to give you comfortable and nice cars rather than fool you. So, before investing in the car of your choice, you need to make sure that you are dealing with a person you can truly trust. Here’s how.

Great car dealers can usually be found on the World Wide Web. Just look for car dealer reviews online and read through a lot of them, so you can get an idea of how honest and reputable certain dealers truly are. Also, make sure you ask the dealer questions about mileage, warranty, remodeling, car history, maintenance and other special features. It would be even more important to ask for an inspection and test drive before committing yourself to the car.

After finding a Baltimore car dealer you can trust, you can start to take advantage of the benefits that come with having one. First of all, you will have a ton of choices when it comes to Baltimore new cars and Baltimore used cars – remember that. But, since dealers handle various cars on a regular basis, they will be able to point you in the direction that is perfect for you. This means that you should be given a wide array of different cars to suit your personal preferences and your budget.

A lot of Baltimore car dealers also provide special offers like free roadside help along with some kind of warranty; the same holds true for Baltimore used cars. Private sellers might not do the same. Car dealers also give the right car information as needed. Because they deal with various cars every single day, they know a lot about them, so you can get answers for any of your questions about these cars, as well. Plus, if anything goes wrong after some time, they can still help you out, no matter what.




Richard Trott – About the Author:

Are you looking for a brand new or used Baltimore chevy? Well, if it’s Baltimore new cars or Baltimore used cars you want, this website would be the perfect place for you. Take your pick from the wide array available today.




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Locate True New Car Dealer Prices & Secret Internet Discounts

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Discover Real New Car Dealer Prices – Guarantee You Obtain a Real Deal with New Car Price Discounts!

Researching a new car can be a bewildering and overwhelming process. With so many sites reporting different new car invoice prices, it is difficult to know what is the true new car dealer price. Request a free of charge, zero obligation, dealer price quote on any new car and discover the best attainable deals, at the lowest new car prices in your area. Not to mention, uncover the undisclosed true new car dealer invoice cost. These are actual new car dealer invoice prices, that are secretly discounted for you – take advantage of these limited time deals while you can!

Buying a new car is a huge commitment so you require to be absolutely prepared, which is not achievable without knowing authentic new car dealer prices. Requesting a free of charge, zero obligation dealer price quote can resolve this problem. will supply you with all the facts you require during new car buying process. Additionally, in this article we’ll introduce you to new car pricing terms that you need to be acquainted with.

New car dealer prices are one of the most difficult pieces of information to track down. Anyone can go online, search for “true new car values” and discover hundreds of results. The trouble is these most websites do not have the facts you are looking for. True dealer prices vary throughout the nation depending on supply and demand for the vehicles and local competition.

Expect to find big differences in dealer price offers for a Honda Civic in Minnesota compared to one being sold in New York. Most online new car pricing services estimate an average dealer price and report it back to you. The problem with this is that MSRP or sticker prices are rarely ever the real price the dealer paid for a vehicle, so instead of receiving an accurate dealer price quote, you are getting an estimate of the MSRP.

The best way to find the most authentic dealer prices for new vehicles is to request a free of charge, zero obligation dealer price quote. You will receive undisclosed insider pricing information, retrieved from dealerships in your neighboring area – information that is the most pertinent to you.

What’s more, will tell you the real dealer invoice price. Knowing the dealer invoice price will give you a crucial piece of information to be used during negotiation. It tells you how much the dealership actually paid for the new car you want and is a great tool for negotiating a lower price offer.

To find the best deal you should strive to pay near dealer invoice pricing. A dealer price quote will provide you all the facts you require so you know the best deals that are being offered in your area. Learn more about dealer pricing at – it could save you thousands!

Finds the lowest possible new car prices at local dealers with Compare new car prices and learn how to negotiate the lowest new car invoice prices.

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New Car Illinois and Dealer Benefits

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Obtaining a new car in Illinois is a big feat for most consumers to pursue. It requires a good effort on the consumers’ behalf to locate trustworthy and competent dealers that can provide them with a competitive sale. However, after you meet the requirements of a few legal regulations, you can be the dealer that consumers turn to when they need to purchase a new car in Illinois. Without a doubt, having the opportunity to make plenty of money selling and buying cars as a dealer will be yours once you are a legal entity.

Depending on how large or small you want your dealership to be, you can begin turning over large profits just as soon as your receive your dealer’s license. The benefits, perks and profitability of becoming a car dealer are numerous as you sale any new car in the Illinois area.

After you obtain your license, making your way as a successful car dealer is quite simple. Yet, one of the first benefits and perks of becoming a legitimate dealer is being able to avoid the excessive high costs that other dealers pass on to you when you go to purchase a new car in Illinois as a regular consumer. As a dealer, you will be able to purchase wholesale cars-whether they are new or used-for yourself and anyone in your network of family and friends.

Another perk of becoming a dealer is being able to obtain additional discounts just because you have your Illinois dealer’s license. When you enter a vehicle parts stores or factory outlet stores, you can acquire tax-free goods that will make it easier for you to continue to operate your business efficiently.

One more benefit of becoming a dealer is that you can avoid searching through auto adds to find a profitable new car in Illinois to sale to a consumer. Once you have your license, there is an entirely new way to buy new cars in Illinois, and one of the best ways that your will be able to locate these cars is at auto auctions.

Another perk of becoming a dealer to obtain a wholesale new car in Illinois is being able to attain insider information, by accessing data from Illinois car dealer associations. These associations will provide you with online resources, magazines, and live conference information that you can use to take back to your dealership team. The information that you gather from any Illinois car dealer association of your choice will allow you to equip your managers and employees, so that your business stays efficiently profitable.

Furthermore, the Illinois car dealer association that you join will discuss issues such as obtaining competitive shipping services, how to incorporate loss prevention, and how to manage your car dealership business during any economic time. Other topics that you may find useful when joining an Illinois automobile dealership association are how to train your team for effective telecommunications, how to obtain multiple-funding resources, and how to obtain the proper insurance for your dealership company.

You will also find beneficial resources for financial statement analysis, profit consulting and information on training office manager. You can also find easy access to dealership appraisals, if it ever comes a time that you want to sell your car-sales business. Another benefit is you can access accountants who will help you obtain the best corporation income tax returns possible.

Another perk as a car dealer is being able to obtain a closed-bid wholesale purchase on any new car in Illinois directly from other dealerships. You will also be able to obtain platinum and gold credit cards for your dealer business to make any new car in Illinois purchase. You will also be able to obtain small business loans to increase the amount of retail products to keep on your car lot. You may also receive credit at other businesses, just because you are a license dealer. Conversely, if you ever want to move up to the next level as an auto broker, you will already have your Illinois dealership license, which is a requirement.

Buying cars and trucks shouldnt be hard. So why not try the trusted <a rel=”nofollow” onclick=”javascript:_gaq.push([‘_trackPageview’, ‘/outgoing/article_exit_link’]);” href=””></a>. If you are interested in buying cars or trucks in Chicago, you’ve come to the right place. Looking for <a rel=”nofollow” onclick=”javascript:_gaq.push([‘_trackPageview’, ‘/outgoing/article_exit_link’]);” href=”″>new car illinois</a>? try LemonFree today!

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A New Car Loan From the Dealer is not Always the Best Choice for Your New Car Finance

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When purchasing a new car it is always very easy to be swept away in the excitement of it all and want to take delivery as quickly as possible. To do this it is simply a matter of agreeing on the price of your new car and signing the necessary documents for a new car loan. All done and dusted. But just how much more have you paid for your new car and your new car loan because of your “want it now” approach?

Probably more than you think. Car dealers can be very persuasive and once they feel you are sold on a car then there is little hope of a reduced price or a very competitively priced new car loan. Here are a few tips when you are looking for a new car:
• Don’t go to the dealership with the expectation or desire to buy “today”. Check out the internet first to see just what the price range is for the vehicle you are looking for.
• Speak to a mortgage broker or a lease broker to see what connections they may have with new car dealerships. Surprisingly, a mortgage broker can not only access good new car finance but also has negotiating “clout” with a number of new car dealerships. Most new car dealerships have monthly volume targets which when reached result in large bonuses being paid by the new car manufacturer. As a direct purchaser you will not be privy to this information but where the mortgage broker has built a good relationship with a new car dealership he or she will undoubtedly be able to negotiate a better new car price for you – unless of course there is a waiting list for the particular car you are after. Even in this situation you may find that you will be able to achieve a better price – a Sydney based client recently ended up purchasing a new car through a mortgage broker where the car was sourced out of Wollongong (dealer wanted the sale to reach his monthly target). The new car was delivered straight to her Sydney home.
• If you are not absolutely set on a particular new car then find out what the re-sale value is of similar model cars when sold say 3 years later or at the expiration of your new car lease and new car loan. It is generally accepted that most new cars diminish in value by up to 15 % the moment you drive it out of the car yard. To ensure you retain value in your new car and that the residual value after 3 or 5 years under your new car loan will be met from the sale proceeds as a “used” car, it is imperative to check the sales history of the car / model/ manufacturer. It can be disheartening to find that when you eventually sell the car you do not realise a price that allows you to pay out the residual under the new car finance.
• If your cash flow allows it, try and keep the residual to as low a figure as possible. This negates the likelihood of there being a shortfall between the used car sale price and the residual value under your new car loan. If you maintain your car well and have it serviced on a regular basis then there remains the possibility that when you come to sell you actually realise more than the residual value under the new car loan – this should be a non-taxable profit in your hands.

Mark Bona is the managing director of My Choice Finance, the company is a mortgage broker offering new car finance and new car loan.

Article from


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