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Coote Engineering Automated Volumetric Dosing System

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A volumetric dosing system used for the production of wetcast paving bricks and wetcast deocorative paving slabs. Incorporated in an automatic line for greater production and efficiency.

World Superbike returns to Miller Motorsports Park

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World Superbike returns to Miller Motorsports Park May 29-31,2009. Catch a glimpse of the action. Created by Godfrey Entertainment for MMP. The song is Inside The Fire by Disturbed – used with permission.

Things You Should Know About Types of Portable Oxygen Systems

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imageThousands of people on oxygen therapy have benefited from the new designs of portable oxygen systems. An active life style and being able to move about freely is especially important to patients on oxygen therapy.  For  most people it is necessary but not a limitation but for oxygen therapy patients it is a factor they have to take into account all the time.The type of oxygen delivery system you will have has to take into account: * Your oxygen therapy – how often, is it continuous? *The amount of oxygen you receive. * The type of activities you have.It is a good idea that both you and your doctor define together the type of oxygen system you will use – his expertise and your own knowledge of your activity levels. Once you begin to receive oxygen through a particular oxygen delivery system, or as is generally the case, combination of systems, you adjust and get used to that system (including make and model) which is good news. The bad news is that once you are used to it, it is difficult to change. So it is best to get it right and to do this, both you and your doctor have to work together.There are only three different types of oxygen delivery systems, two of these store it. (The three systems have both home based and portable alternatives).1. Portable Oxygen Concentrators – An oxygen concentrator is a machine, electrically powered, that extracts oxygen from ambient air, concentrates it at 100% and then delivers it to the patient either though a cannula or an oxygen mask (much like the other systems). The portable ones are smaller and lighter.  As they are electrically powered this is by plugging into the wall socket (or car lighter adapter), as well as with rechargeable batteries.  This versatility is making them very popular with the additional advantage that most brands are looking to increase the battery duration.  2. Portable Oxygen Cylinders – Perhaps the oldest type of oxygen delivery system. Pure oxygen is compressed and stored in aluminum cylinders. These cylinders come in various sizes (from 4 to 8.5 lbs in weight). Again the stored oxygen will last depending on the amount of oxygen that is delivered, but a general rule of thumb is that they last for shorter periods of time compared to the other systems. Note: Oxygen cylinders are refillable.3. Portable Liquid Oxygen Tanks – Oxygen has the physical property of turning liquid at lower temperatures. Liquid oxygen tanks keep a reservoir of liquid oxygen (which by the way means a much greater amount of oxygen is stored than if kept in its gaseous state), which is then delivered at the appropriate setting as a gas (obviously the tank has a gas small gas storage part). There small units available that can deliver oxygen for many hours.

useing hho gas instead of natural gas for cars that run on natural gas?

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they have cars that run on natural gas. would it work if you filled it with hho gas?
of and which is more flammable?

Do they make Chevy big block crate motors?

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Do they make Chevy big block crate motors? If so where can i get one and how much is it?

Frick saw mill powered by 2 stroke diesel


Bessemer oil engine pulling mill

72 Cuda

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The heaterboxguy introduces his award winning ’72 ‘Cuda to you

Edelbrock carb?

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I have a edelbrock 1405 series I believe, its a manual choke. My question is if I close the choke all the way shut, is it supposed to open up by itself? I thought after you crank an engine the choke is suppose to open up when running. Even if you give mine gas it doesnt open or nothing.
If I pull the cable some it opens of couse and runs better. But if i close the choke and give it gas it doesnt act like it wants to stay running, instead it stalls. please help

I want to start my own automotive business, including a dyno machine and possible performance mods, anyone?

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Like the title says i want to start my own business, i want a dyno machine and ability to do performance mods, anyone have any other ideas of what i can do or what would the best starting out doing?

OS Engines FS-48 Surpass Diesel Conversion & Etherless Fuel

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In this video I run the FS-48 diesel conversion I did about three years ago. I rebuilt it last year to replace a damaged liner and ring (unrelated to the diesel conversion). I also added the crankcase recirculation system OS uses in the new Alpha Series. Once the engine is warmed up I can switch to a fuel mix with no ether. 12% oil, 87% kerosene, and 1% DII. I did not measure RPM this time, but it has run at 10800 RPM on the etherless fuel while turning a Graupner 12×6. Fuel consumption is on the order of 12oz (355ml) per hour at wide open throttle in flight. The compression setting is substantially higher without ether, but the engine appears to be doing well. in the past I had run the engine with 20% castor oil in this fuel. The 12% synthetic oil is an experiment at this time.


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