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Hydrogen Fuel Injection – All About Hydrogen Fuel Injection

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imageHydrogen fuel injection is a system usually installed on semi-trucks as an after market accessory. These systems are specially devised in a fashion to facilitate either pure hydrogen or a mixture rich in hydrogen to be injected to the fuel commonly utilized with most internal combustion engines. The Hydrogen fuel injection is given to an engine many times together in order to allow it to join with the air it intakes. The injection can be easily pre-mixed with compressed natural gas at a gas filling station that sells hydrogen. The acronym for Hydrogen fuel injection is either H2CNG or HCNG. The total weight of a Hydrogen fuel injection is about ninety pounds and it is installed behind the cab on trucks. The system also works towards extracting some amount of electricity via the alternator utilized for splitting distilled water into oxygen and hydrogen gases. These gases can be easily injected in conjunction with usual diesel fuel in the engine. A reservoir is filled with distilled water. The driver refills the reservoir as per the requirement. The whole mixture of HCNG mix consists of about four to nine percent hydrogen that is combined with compressed natural gas. The mixture is flammable and comes with risks of leaking as any other CNG equipment. Hence, one does not require taking any extra precautions to maintain the system. One can enjoy up to eighty phenomenal hours of operation on a semi-truck via adding 2 litres of distilled water. There are certain Hydrogen fuel injection companies that guarantee at least 10 percent of fuel savings to their customers. One can enjoy several ecological benefits via using a Hydrogen fuel injection system. A Hydrogen fuel injection system tends to enhance torque and horsepower of a vehicle. The emissions of dangerous gasses and pollutants are limited largely. When a truck with HCNG installed in it is run on the road, a reduction of about sixty per cent of most of the dangerous pollutants including carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide and carbon dioxide is noticed. When the fuel completes its’ combustion, it emits out least pollution. Since HCNG is a type of on-demand fuel and obtained from distilled water, there is absolutely no requirement of liquid hydrogen or compressed hydrogen to be imported to the vehicle. One of the most significant benefits of using Hydrogen fuel injection systems in a vehicle is their money saving aspect. The investment you make on a system such as this will be soon returned and you may even enjoy instant savings via leasing one of the units as well as writing of the marketing expense. The best part is that these systems are not very expensive. However, you still require shelling out about $15,000 on purchasing one and the price may also hike up according to the quality and features. A Hydrogen fuel injection system can benefit you a lot in terms of money saving and lot of other aspects as mentioned above.

How to make a Hydrogen Fuel Cell that creates electricity?

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i want to make a hydrogen fuel cell that creates electricity, how would i make it, what parts would i need and how a general hydrogen cell works?
I want it to power a small 2v motor Electric motor.
i really need help with this. Thanks Regards Callan

eefuel, Fuel Legacy in the News. Forget Fuel Freedom & Ethos

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Fuel Additives For Winter

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imageThe right fuel additive mixes in with the gasoline and helps to keep the fuel from gelling or freezing, even in coldest temperatures. It helps keep the fuel line from freezing up, and it even makes the fuel more efficient. Meaning, you might save some money at the pump. What’s more to know, the additive has a detergent quality, and actually cleans out your car’s fuel injection system and entire fuel system. In this day and age of pollution, your additive can also reduce the amount of black smoke emitted by your car, helping keep the air a little cleaner. As if all this wasn’t enough, a fuel additive for the winter provides your car protection against rust, and gives anti-wear protection for your fuel injectors. This can make your car actually last longer. If you’re not interested in purchasing an additional product for your car, it might interest you to know that the gas stations actually sell you a different kind of gas in the winter, one that is specially designed to function well in colder temperatures. This gas is called methyl tertiary butyl ether (MTBE). Although you can purchase this type of gas at the pump, it doesn’t have all of the benefits that fuel additive does, including the detergent benefits. It does move a little quicker through your car’s fuel injection system than a summer-type gasoline when subjected to freezing temperatures, so you may want to check with your favorite gas station to find out if they carry MTBE and when they start selling it. You may still find that your car behaves a bit sluggishly, even with the winter gas or a gas additive. If this is the case, and you’ve taken these precautions, you may want to have your car’s battery checked. After all, there are many components to a car, and they should all be working properly in order to give you the best performance possible from your automobile.

fuel injection?

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Do fuel injection cars have a carbuertor?


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