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The Crown Vic 4.6L: Best of the Ford Car Engines

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Among every class of vehicles there has to arise a king—one vehicle that out-performs the rest in a majority of categories. In some classes, this king is only king by a small or even barely definable margin, and in others the king wins all others hands down. Often there is much jostling for the position of king and the royalty is constantly changing brands, evolving with that year’s best new model. But occasionally a king emerges that puts all other vehicles in its class to shame and holds a monopoly over the monarchy for years, and even decades. For pursuit vehicles, that king was the Ford Crown Victoria, with its unbeatable 4.6 liter ford car engine.

Released in 1992 as not only an upgrade but rather a complete overhaul of the 40 year old Crown Victoria franchise, the Crown Vic and its 4.6 liter ford car engine emerged as an undisputedly superior performance vehicle built for speed and acceleration, and tough as nails. Early models of the Crown Vic’s 4.6 liter ford car engine were modular in design, made of iron and aluminum, with a kick that could glue you to your seat. It originally boasted horsepower of an almost miraculous 190 making it one of, if not the, most powerful passenger vehicles of its day.

This vehicle and its ford car engine were built for pursuit. With rear wheel drive, special alloy wheels, and an exclusively designed V8 ford car engine, the Crown Vic engine could easily catch any car in its class. It was designed with body on frame construction, enabling quick repair after minor collisions, with a strong chassis that rarely needed to be straightened, even post-impact.

Because the performance of the 4.6 liter ford car engine depended greatly on its system of exhaust, with output directly tied to exhaust, Ford quickly released a dual exhaust version in which horsepower leapt up to 210. With so much horsepower under the hood, the automatic transmission was made to be quick and responsive, allowing for rapid acceleration. Over a five year average, the Crown Vic 4.6 liter ford car engine turned out an average acceleration of 0 to 60 miles per hour in 8.7 seconds, ranging neatly from 9.0 to an amazing 8.4 seconds flat. It also was able to reach a top speed of 130 miles per hour, and excelled in every area of performance and handling tests.

Since its original 1992 version, the 4.6 liter ford car engine has been upgraded a number of times to increasingly modernize the models and keep this ford car engine on the cutting edge of vehicles built for speed. In 1998 horsepower was increased by 10, or 5 for dual exhaust models. In 2001 it received another 20 hp, and in 2004 this avant-garde ford car engine added another 15 hp, topping off at an incredible 250 horsepower, where it remains to the present day.

Aside from the consistently talented ford car engine that sets this vehicle apart, safety has also been greatly improved in the Crown Vic over the years. Dual airbags were added as early as 1994, new, safety conscious instruments in 1995, and revised power steering in 1997. In 2000 it won the jackpot in early safety features, being upgraded with an emergency trunk release built inside the trunk, child seat upper anchorages, and a gentle chiming reminder announcing an unbuckled seatbelt.

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