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imageWhenever we talk of car engines, the first thing that strikes our mind is Chrysler engines and Ford engines. Both these companies have left unique identities for themselves in the field of automobile engines. The LA engines are a part of pushrod OHV 90? V-block gasoline engines built by Chrysler family. From the year 1964 till 2003, Chrysler engines have been installed in passenger vehicles, trucks, vans, commercial vehicles and marine and industrial applications. Chrysler offers a line of crate engines based on the Magnum design that bolts into the older muscle cars and street rods with little modification. Let us look at one of the most popular models of Chrysler engines.Elegant, stylish, superb features and powerful performance this is what Chrysler Aspen is all about. Launched in the year 2007, this is one of the latest versions of sports utility vehicle. This is in fact the first truck based sports utility vehicle that was launched under Chrysler engine brand. Aspen comes with three rows of seating for accommodating eight passengers, electronic stability program, tygre pressure monitoring system and parking sense. This model comes with three Chrysler engines, a flex-fuel 4,701 cc V8 capable of running on gasoline, a gasoline 4.7 V8 and a 5,654 cc Hemi V8 with MDS. The features of this model includes a full screen navigation radio, a rear seat DVD entertainment system, interior LED lights and advanced safety features are really mesmerizing. A higher version of Chrysler Aspen was released in year 2009 which included features like 340 hp Hemi engine with MDS as well as a new two-model hybrid system developed with GM and BMW. Following a suit, this model was discontinued leaving Chrysler with no SUV’s. Ford engines on the other hand have set a benchmark for themselves throughout the world not only in the field of engines but also for their vehicles in aftermarket, sports and kit applications. One of the most popular ford engines is Ford 351 Cleveland V8 engine. This was introduced in 1969 as a new performance car engine. This engine comes with poly-angle combustion chambers with canted valves and thin wall casting technology. This ford engine has both 4V and 2V carburetor built with 2 valves per cylinder. The 2V barrel carburetor comes with a cylindrical head which harbors smaller valves, ports and open combustion chamber that suits the intended applications.Only the Q-code 351 “Cobra Jet” (1971-1974), R-code “Boss” 351 (1971), and R-code 351 “HO” (1972) versions have 4-bolt mains although all 335 series engines (351C/351M/400) have space for them even in 2-bolt main form. The only difference between 351C/351M/400 engines is in the length of the connecting rod and main bearing size. The 351M/400 engines have the largest bearing size and the tallest deck height while sharing the 429/460 bell housing pattern. The 351C engine has a medium main bearing size and shorter connecting rods than the 351W and the 351M/400 while retaining the SBF engineBoth these models have set unbeatable standards for themselves in the automobile engine market. You have a great engine no matter which kind you own whether it is a Ford engine or a Chrysler engine. What happens when it comes time to replace you car engine. Should you spend all kinds of money replacing it with a new one? Absolutely, not! Cars come and go in people’s lives and when they go it doesn’t mean that the engine is out of order. You can locate a perfectly good used car engine through different avenues.
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