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The Ever Changing Decisions To Make When Buying A New Car

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So what features are a staple in today’s new car models and what have, and will, continue to change over the years?

Music wise, buying a new car in the nineties used to be about ensuring the car had a tape deck as well as a radio, and this was a step up from the days when cars either had an 8-track or nothing at all. As the nineties progressed the tape player changed to include a CD player. Enter the 2000’s and, although tape decks are still around, the ability to play your MP3 player through the car stereo became a must with that all important surround sound option to ensure that music can be listened to at the highest quality.

The prerequisite for buying a new car is not just about music however, it is also about comfort and style. Global warming concerns have ensured that air conditioning and heating is now a must as temperatures are getting both hotter and colder, depending on the season. New car models without air conditioning are now, thankfully, a thing of the past.

Stacked into the comfort zone are many other add-ons such as the number of cup holders you want and video screens with DVD players in the back to help with those long road trips. Add to this the many other options such as tinted windows and accessories such as satellite navigation or CD changers and it’s evident that buying a new car opens up a world of added possibilities and decisions.

A final, and probably most important, consideration is safety. Airbags are a staple, as is enhanced vehicle control for maximum on-road confidence. To help ensure new car models are developed with the highest safety measures in mind there are many safety awards and ratings that are given depending on the make and model of car. Small cars will have a different set of safety measurements than an SUV, for example, as the two are designed for different purposes and terrain.

As technology continues to progress it will be interesting to see what new features will be available in future car models. Many companies release concept cars on a yearly basis offering innovative steps forward in important areas such as fuel and environmental concerns, while others offer ground breaking thoughts in cutting back in both costs and vehicle size.

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