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Best recent new car incentives for most car finders

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The prices of cars in the USA have currently gone up. This is due to the effect of the strongest earthquake in Japan last March 11, 2011. Most of the car assembling plants in Japan that produce vehicles that re then imported to the US were damaged by the earthquake and this has created vehicle shortage worldwide. In addition to this, American car makers are also affected by the events in Japan since most of them are importing some of the components that are used to produce vehicles. When their suppliers’ plants were destroyed, their production was also reduced causing the price to increase.

Given this, most car financing experts suggest that car buyers who are currently searching for cars that they could purchase using some of the available auto financing deals should wait for the automotive industry to recover from the negative effects of the earthquake so as to obtain vehicles at lower prices. However, there are still a few best new car deals and incentives offered by dealers and car makers. In case you are planning to finance a car right now, try to take note of the available new car incentives for the following vehicles.

1. 2011 Ford Fusion

Ford currently offers the one of the best new car deals to every car finder who wants to finance their 2011 Ford Fusion. The Fusion is presently sold with a sticker price of about ,110. However, Ford provides a 00 rebate or 0% financing for interested buyers. The zero percent interest is applicable to a financing with a three-year term.

2. 2011 Kia Forte

Kia Motors also offers good incentives for the 2011 Kia Forte. It provides a 00 rebate for the mid-line EX Sedan that is currently sold with a sticker price of about ,395. In addition to this, the company offers additional 00 rebate if you would finance the car using a deal provided by Kia. In case you want to lease this vehicle, you will be given a discount of about ,800.

3. 2011 Nissan Altima

Nissan provides a better incentive for its 2.5 Altima at present. It is currently offering a ,250 rebate or 0% financing of up to 5 years for this model. If you are going to obtain a financing deal from Nissan, you would surely get an additional 0 bonus.


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