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A Fascinating New Car India Made

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Of late the Indian car market seems to have arrived. After the arrival of foreign car companies Indian car makers have done quite well and have proved their mettle. Tata Nano is a fascinating new car India made that symbolizes the might of the Indian cars in the car market where new cars by foreign companies are getting launched regularly.

Foreign car companies have flocked to the Indian car market sensing a hugely potential and untapped auto market. With the booming economy and rising purchasing power of the middle class Indians, the market offers lots of potential for auto companies that have stopped growing fast largely due to the mostly saturated markets of the developing countries. Of late the foreign companies have started getting aggressive with their plans in the Indian car market. New cars are getting launched frequently.

However, among all these cars Tata Motors has announced the launch of Nano, billed as the world’s least expensive car. I has generated free publicity worth millions of dollars for the company. It has generated interest all over the world like never before and highlighted the potentials of Indian car market and showed to the world the strength of the Indian cars.

Nano is expected to help millions of Indians realize their dream of owning a car in a country where only a small part of the population owns four-wheelers. Tata Nano is in process of production and will be soon in the Indian market. This new car India made has also showed to the world that the Indian companies are capable of innovations and should not be taken lightly.

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