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Engine Problems?


I was driving today and I noticed my 2002 Benz E320 was ideling a lil more than usual.I made a stop and when turning on my car again the check engine light came on and since then the ideling got worse.Ive had my oil changed last month but the check oil level malfunction appeared but I was driving so it wouldnt measure.Checked the malfunction when stopped and it says that my oil level is OK but my engine seems to shake some.My service B has exceeded by 3400 miles it says.Could it be a reset problem or is something major prolly wrong w/my car? Any suggestions on whats wrong w/it?It drives good still but its ideling harder than wanted.What can U do to fix car to stop ideling like it is brand new?I’m gonna get it looked at tomorrow I just wanted to get some opinions before heading to any shop or dealership on what are the potential problems if anybody has had anything similar happen to thier car.Thanx.

Kubica: Bored With Doing Nothing

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imageAsked what he has been doing since the Indy race, Robert Kubica said: “I am pretty bored with doing nothing. I am not used to resting for such a long period – no test, no pr days. But, of course, I have used the time for my fitness preparation in Italy and am also in constant contact with Josef Leberer, our team’s physio.”

Rottler P55 Porting Cast Iron Cylinder Head

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Rottler P55 5 Axis Cylinder Head Porting Machine Cutting Cast Iron Ports


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I know how the engine in a P51 works because it is piston driven, but how does the radial engine work on F4u

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P51 Mustang engine is piston driven, but the engine on the F4U Coursair is Radial, how does that work?

Anyone know a website that has an interactive model of an internal combustion engine?

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I would like something that has labels and an exploded view with labels. Also, something that can show a cutaway view while it is “running”. Hopefully someone can help. Thanks for any help.
I mean including the electrical system, radiator, etc. Basically, if its under the hood, I’d like it to be a part of this.

Rumson, Bolling & Associates Rebuilding The United States Construction Industry

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imageLos Angeles-Long Beach, CA – The United States construction industry has taken one of the largest blows in the past three to four years from the current recession. Many construction companies have down sized, done massive lay offs or cease to exist. Rumson, Bolling & Associates have worked closely with an extensive network of individuals and companies in the construction industry. Our network in the construction industry is made up of individuals and companies that work in fields such as: Commercial Contractors, Crane Operators, Painting Contractors, Steel Erectors, Concrete Contractors, Asphalt, Paving, Windows, Siding, Elevators, Engineering, Architecture, Heating Cooling HVAC, Demolition, Industrial Accidents, Spills, Cleanups, Fire Damage, Flood Damage, Landscaping, Flooring, Carpet, Cabinetry, Marble, Granite, Kitchen Remodeling, Bathroom Remodeling, just to name a few.Rumson, Bolling & Associates understands that the United States construction industry is a back bone of capital growth in the United States. It is was not uncommon for construction companies to have in-house collectors and in-house employees working on accounts receivables; however, since the construction market in almost every major city in the United States has slowed down a considerable amount outsourcing account receivable work is a much more efficient business decision.Rumson, Bolling & Associates has achieved and continues to achieve high margin recoveries for many individuals and companies in the construction industry during this slow economic downturn. Rumson, Bolling & Associates specializes in commercial recovery and is consistently doing Our part in creating stability in industries that are necessary for the growth of the United States but are financially unstable due to the current market. Rumson, Bolling & Associates wants to thank those We’ve worked closely with in our past and looks forward to continue helping those in the construction industry in recovering their money.http://www.rumsonbolling.comSource:

Jap Auto Parts Birmingham – Supply & Fit MR2 Engine VVTI 1.8 1ZZ

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Jap Auto Parts have many engines in stock and we can fit them for you too call us on 0121 772 3205 book yourself in, we can supply and fit your engine at low prices.

engine block?

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Took car to mech. engine block cracked. he put in block sealer but it did not work. Now I have to watch Radiator water/temp to make sure it doesn’t get too hot. Any Ideas other than a new engine block? He did com.tuneup,etc. car runs good but now it is starting to take 4-5 times when cold to start. HELP!
Before replacing,or going to junkyard, or welding I am going to try this engine block sealant called DX, it’s a metallic sealer and ya put it in drive your car around for couple of days which causes the stuff to turn to a glass like seal at first and then it somehow welds the crack shut.

Platinums Industrial And Jewellery High Value

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imageAmong all the precious metals, Platinum is one of the most valuable and one of the rarest, nearly thirty times rarer than gold. Platinum and the other metals known as Platinum Group Metals (or PGMs) such as Rhodium and Palladium are all very highly prized precious metals. For the most part Platinum and Rhodium are used in industry for applications such as thermocouple wire, catalytic convertors and are also present in many items of laboratory equipment and instruments. But there is a thriving jewellery trade for rings (mainly wedding rings and Diamond set rings) as well as the more recent increase in the manufacture of Palladium jewellery since the very recent introduction of a standard Palladium hallmark in the United Kingdom.

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