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What would be a great sports touring car for long trips?

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Right now I have a 2002 Corvette Z06, looking to get something new. Right now I am into touring taking 500 mi trips. Tell me what you think a great touring car would be just some opinions and why has to be under 125K and at least 350 HP.

Where can I get a small engine repair manual for free?

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I bought a mini bike to restore as a winter project and the engine runs but could use a tune up. Is there any place I could get a repair manual for a small pull start engine for free? Any site I could download it from?
Forgot to’s a Tecumseh engine.

Get 50% to 185% Better Gas Mileage – Hydrogen Conversion | Convert To Hydrogen | Water for fuel | hydrogen fuel | car fuel mpg | fuel mileage | fuel gas mileage | run car with water | burn water for gasoline | how to improve a cars fuel efficiency

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Check for Details Get 50% to 185% better gas mileage. Buy a hydrogen fuel cell kit. how to convert water into hydrogen fuel. Save gas money by converting your car to use water for gasoline. Run your car with water powered power. Hybrid cars best gas mileage. Better fuel economy with hydrogen fuel cells. Raise gas mileage with a hydrogen conversion kit. Improve fuel efficiency by converting your car into a water burning hybrid. Plans to make car run on water. Instructions how to make car run off water.

Great Tips for Buying Japanese Engines


imageJapan is the most preferable country for buy automobiles. When it comes to buying used engines or new engine, Japan always comes first in everyone’s mind. There are few tips for buy Japanese engines, which are listed below: Cheaper isn’t better – Many people look for the cheapest price while shopping around for a used engine. I know everyone looks to save money but in the end up buying a cheap engine with cheap quality. Don’t base your buying decision solely on price!!! Reputation – Do you homework on the business you want to buy from. Ask around to check out their reputation and what customer experience has been in the past. You can also call up the BBB (Better Business Bureau) to check if they had any complaints. Do searches on search engines like Google, MSN, and Yahoo. You will find lots of comment on forums and if you see they have a lot of bad comments, may be it’s not the company you should buy from. Warranty – Ask the company how their warranty is and what it covers. Ask then whether they compression tested and examine their engines before they ship the engines. A lot of shop will tell you they do…but they don’t. Ask them for engine as proof. A good warranty should be 60 days or more for performance engines and 90 days or more for replacement engines. Anything less and you should be asking yourself why they offer a shorter warranty, possible because they know engine won’t last. Pay with a Credit Card – Never ever pay with a cashiers check or money order. If you pay with a major credit card you have buy protection, so if the company tries to screw you, you can do a charge back with your credit card company. They will do an investigation and if the company is as fault they will make them fess up or you will get your money back. Call them up – Call the company you think of purchasing from. Talk to them and ask questions. Get a fee for what their customer service is like. You want to purchase from a company which is friendly on the phone and takes the time to answer your questions. If they are rude and quick to get you off the phone, think of how they will be if you have a problem you need to help you with.

Engine World USA offers a wide range of durable and cost effective Japanese engines that is compatible with your car and properly tested for everything related to engine. Contact Engine World USA for your Japanese engines need.

Car Comparison?

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I’m looking to buy a car and I narrowed it down to two.

2003 Toyota Celica GT-S
2003 Acura RSX type-S

Both around the same price and milage
there both manuals too.
most likely gonna be putting some body kit on it, so won’t look the same

Truck Repair Fairborn

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imageIt’s a fact that vehicles need correct and routine upkeep. All vehicles need it and there’s no way around it. Many folks who are wanting repairs and routine upkeep dread taking their auto to a repair shop. The uneasiness may come from past experience or perhaps from mates or members of the family informing them about their bad experiences at car shops. Folk who are especially unfamiliar with automobile repairs and upkeep can be extremely nervous because they feel exposed and feel as if they can simply be taken merit of. When you are short of such services, you will wish to find somebody reliable, friendly, and helpful. Most of all, you need to go to a place that have qualified technicians you can trust. Murphy’s Autocare in Beavercreek, Ohio are just the people you’re looking for. Murphy’s Autocare is a neighborhood and community orientated auto repair service with many years of experience and friendly service. Murphy’s offers many services including routine maintenance,tires, diagnostics, tune ups, brake repair [*COMMA] pre-purchase inspections, engine and transmission correct and replacement services, air conditioning correct and replacement, and lots more and plenty more. The certificated technicians their will treat you like family. They know all about family values. The owners of Murphy’s Autocare, Dave & Jan Murphy attended the same high school in Beavercreek and are lifelong residents of the community. They have four kids all of which are already old enough to drive. They understand how vital it is to treat shoppers the way they would want somebody to treat their youngsters as clients. It’s simple to say that the technicians are informed and experienced, but how does one know for sure? Murphy’s Autocare has 5 ASE licensed technicians and three ASE master certified technicians. In addition, they have two service chiefs. One has 10 years of automotive experience and the other has twenty-eight years of expertise. As you can see, information and experience is what you will get at Murphy’s Autocare. To check out what they have to offer, you may visit their site at /. Once there you can read more about the owner and chiefs of the facility as well as receive printable coupons for certain services. Murphy’s Autocare understands that costs can be a burden especially in today’s economy. If you’ve experienced Murphy’s Autocare’s superior service before, visit their internet site and share your experience. This state of the art vehicle care center is found at 3815 Dayton-Xenia Road in Beavercreek, Ohio, 45432. Their hours of operation are Mon. thru Friday from 7:30 a.m. To 5:30 p.m. And saturday from 9:00 a.m. To 300 p.m. For all your auto care needs, Murphy’s Autocare is a great spot to go. Ask around and you are certain to find people who have experienced their friendly and beneficial service. Visit their internet site at / for yourself and see what Murphy’s Autocare can offer you. If you do, you won’t be disappointed and won’t fear getting routine maintenance or repairs on your vehicle any longer. Visit them on line at Http:// /. In the Ohio area : Serving Dayton, Beavercreek, Fairborn, Xenia, Kettering and Wright Patterson AFB. See our new video here.

Tricycle with four-stroke engine

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This tricycle was built from scratch by Peter Hahn (seen riding the bike). It is powered by a home-made 1-cylinder 150 ccm 4-stroke internal combustion engine (Otto engine), powered with propane gas and water-cooled (built in 2004). The transmission is belt-driven.

A Guide to Car Hire in New Zealand


imageIf you’re going to find yourself in New Zealand soon, whether on vacation or business, you’ll require car hire services. Cheap car hire at airports across New Zealand is available. You need to keep in mind a few things before deciding on which car hire service you’d like to use. Each service has different features, prices, and packages, but many services offer discounts for booking your car hire service early. Some services such as Budget, offer a 10% discount for those who book six weeks in advance and also prepay. For your convenience, many of these services can take your reservation online, or by phone.

72 Cuda

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The heaterboxguy introduces his award winning ’72 ‘Cuda to you

Nitro Engines for Beginners

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imageSure, there are loads of benefits a nitro engine offers but maintaining it has to be a regular chore. Also, there’s absolutely no doubt that in order to keep up with proper tuning and extra care for its engine to last longer, it will have to take more than your precious time and attention – your budget has to keep up too.

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