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Preparing Your Car for a Body Kit

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imageYou’ve been saving your money and waiting for the right kit to come along. Suddenly, there it is, and you know it will make your baby look and run like a dream. Still, the kit costs a bundle and you want to make sure it adds value and features to your car. So before you get the kit and go to town, get your car ready for the fix-up by having a few other things done first.
1. Schedule a tune-up. If your car hasn’t had one for a while, this is the perfect time to make sure things are running the way they should. Get the spark plugs changed and have all the inner workings checked to be sure everything is operational. You don’t need a dead battery or another inconvenience to mar your pleasure of the body kit improvements.
2. Get an oil change. Although this routine procedure has nothing to do with your body kit, just getting it out of the way, along with the accompanying door lubrications and fluid checks, will help to ensure that the car is working properly and ready to go. Then after your body kit work is done, you can drive anywhere you want, as long as you want, without worrying about the little incidentals that could crimp your style. Your car will drive better than ever without the hassle of planning extra needed maintenance.
3. Fix body dents and check the tires. Find an affordable expert who can take out the dings in the door and restore the fenders to their original condition. Make sure the tires are inflated properly, or consider buying replacements for those that are badly worn. Getting your car into solid physical shape will make you feel even better about ordering the body kit to enhance your vehicle.
4. Get a detailed interior cleaning and exterior wash. Although you could wait until after you use your body kit to have the cleaning done, why not go all out and make your car look great? You can always have a second, less important cleaning afterward. Removing dirt, grease, debris, and smudges, especially in the areas affected by your body kit, will prepare your car for any body kit you want to install. You will feel like you have a new car when you get the vehicle looking great inside and out.
5. Have minor problems fixed in advance. Even though a tiny rattle or infrequent engine knocking may not seem important right now as you are getting ready to use your body kit, why not get rid of these minor irritations before they become major problems? If there is a loose screw or dangling wire, it’s better to take care of these now in case they get in the way of the updates you want to make with your body kit.
Even though a body kit may not seem like a big deal, getting your car ready for it will increase your anticipation and enhance your car’s appearance and function.

First start of my bedroom built 350 small block chevy

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A short clip of my small block chevy 350 starting for the very first time.It has a lunati roller cam and retro-fit lifters,holley aluminum heads, eagle rotating assembly,holley 770 street avenger carb and mallory ignition.It made 406 hp and 400ft lbs on the dyno.

how do i convert a propane engine to a natural gas engine?

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i have a 16 HP engine on a generator that i want to change to natural gas. i don’t know how or where to find the kit. thank you

Official Compare the Meerkat Puppets Advert

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While doing a rootle around my nursery the other day, I find my old meerkats marionette theatre. Quick as flash, I realise I can use to help my business. So please be excite for theatre spectacular. Show is based on true story of man who ask me for insurance deal at a party and so I battle him with salami.

ALL PRO Custom Cargo Trailers in the Spotlight

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imageAll Pro TRAILER SUPERSTORE is a growing company based on the solid foundation of over 25 years in the Towing and Trailer Industry and has earned a prestigious, well respected place in their industry being an Award Winning Trailer Dealer. As one of the top Trailer Dealers in the USA, All Pro TRAILER SUPERSTORE is all about Trailers & Towing.  Specializing in Trailer Accessories and Customization, All Pro has customized trailers for some of the worlds leading companies and organizations. In The Spotlight: A Custom Car Mate Enclosed Trailer designed by All Pro for Northrop Grumman, a leading global security company along with the U.S. Air Force to haul a custom B-2 themed motorcycle designed and built for the company by famous Orange County Choppers (OCC), of Newburgh, NY. The Custom All Pro Trailer will carry the Stealth Bike to B-2 20th anniversary events throughout 2009 including social events, trade shows, and air shows. In The Spotlight: A Custom Car Mate Car Trailer designed by All Pro for The Boeing Company, the world’s leading aerospace company and the largest manufacturer of commercial jetliners and military aircraft combined. This 48’ Custom Trailer carries an H1 Hummer to Aviation Tradeshows and Events. In The Spotlight: A Custom Car Mate Cargo Trailer designed by All Pro and delivered to Texas for the Dallas Cowboys Golf Club. The Dallas Cowboys Golf Club, the world’s first NFL themed golf club, pays tribute to the five-time world champion football team. Their custom Car Mate Trailer will be used for corporate tournaments and special events for the Cowboys premier resort-style Golf Club. “The All Pro Team understands you want service and support from experts,” remarks Tammy Smith, Director of Marketing for All Pro, “So we are committed to being the most knowledgeable and product oriented sales force in the industry with professional sales people that take their time to help you make an educated decision.” Smith continues “We create an environment that will encourage repeat visits and loyalty from our local area as well as nationwide.” All Pro offers the customer the complete trailer buying experience including sales, service, parts, warranty and accessories. In addition, All Pro also offers trailer financing and nationwide trailer delivery right to your home or business. “Many consumers in the market for a trailer will drive hundreds of miles to our facility for our large selection, competitive prices, and a service department that can handle all their needs or special requests.” States Smith “We also offer a travelers discount to consumers traveling to our facility to purchase their new trailer.” For more information about All Pro West, stop by their Trailer Superstore at 6799 Carlisle Pike, Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, or call (800) 622-7003. You can also visit their official website and shop online at

Gas-Powered RC Cars and Trucks: A Beginner’s Guide

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imageThere are many ways on how to start with gas-powered RC car or truck. There are many realistic features offered by these remote-controlled cars and trucks. They come in a variety of styles and types in the industry. In choosing one, there are many considerations you should take before eventually owning one. Radio-controlled cars and trucks lack the power and running time. But if you want to consider, you can convert them into gas powered RC cars, with the use of nitromethane-based fuel. This fuel provides RC cars a level or realism or performance, which are absent on other battery-powered vehicles. Aside from this, they are also highly customizable making it possible for you to integrate RC car accessories and personalize them. There are options of engines and transmitters available to allow you to choose one depending on how you’d want the RC car works.To help you begin in finding the right gas-powered RC car, the following are the factors you should consider:1.    Engines. The most important aspect in a gas RC car, you can choose from the variety of engine models available to choose from. Generally, most RC cars use a specific type, which is commonly called as “glow” engine. It is a 2-cycle combustion engine, which creates power to the RC car preparing it for realism that also produces exhaust in the process. In replacement of spark plugs utilized by automotive engines, a “glow plug” is used for this engine. It is being heated in turn by a “glow starter.” The heat will be held by the “glow plug” to which this is now used to fire engine strokes for rest of the running power. 2.    Fuel. Just like the actual gasoline used in automobiles, the nitromethane-based gas fuel the RC cars. The fuel mixture is formulated with special lubricants so that it protects the engine from the excessive heat produced by the combustion process. The lubricants are the same with the gas-oil you use with your small engine equipments or some chainsaws. Accessories such as a special bottle pump may be needed to get nitro-fuel into your fuel tank of the RC car. Filters are also used on these cars and the same with your automobile they require replacement at a proper time interval. 3.    Radio. Radio controller is used to control the RC car and could be same type used on electrically-powered RC cars. It is radio controller operates on 2-channel system that needs batteries to make it work. Additional batteries would be needed to power the receiver though there are other receivers that are fed from the motor itself. 4.    Sport or competition. This is an aspect you most considered when choosing body style. There are different options for you; you have choices from sedans, trucks, buggies, stock cars, and other popular car models. These are basically available in two versions: sports, and competition version. Sports RC cars typically cost less than the car you intend to race, which of course would need more power and higher speeds. Ball bearings and oil shocks are some of the advanced options included for the competition RC car version. Depending on the type you need, RC car kits and ready-to-car or RTR kits are available. If you are a beginner, RTR kits are what you need as this comes out of the box ready for the fuel. RC car kit, on the other hand, requires heavy work but allows you to decide how they would be put together.

Radiator Repair ???

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A couple of weeks ago, I was backed into in a parking lot, leaving considerable damage, so I had it repaired at a local car dealer. The car seemed fine after it was repaired, but I only drive about a mile a day to work and back. Anyway, a few days ago I went shopping and I noticed a problem when I slowed down, the car would halt for a sec then run fine, now it does this all the time. I thought it was the brakes, but it wasn’t. I found out that the trans fluid was nearly empty. Now I have to go dispute this in the morning. So my question is, when a radiator is changed, does the transmission fluid have to be drained and changed also? Anything would help, thanks!

To Refinish Furniture Or Not?

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imageWhy is it a sin to remove the old damaged finish from a chair yet not the old paint from a rusted car? Why do reupholstered car seats add value but reupholstered chair seats destroy value? Why is it okay to replace the tires on a car but not the rockers on a rocker? So why is it that furniture is being valued differently? Why is there a double standard when it comes to furniture?
As refinishers, we do have a voice in this issue and we need to use it. We need to educate the public through our customers that there should be no double standard when it come to valuing antiques-that what’s good for the Model A should be just as good for the pie safe. We need to turn the current trend back to the way it used to be, when restoration added value to antique furniture!
For clarification, we are not talking about a speciric truely museum quality antique furniture item that has been protected in its prestine condition and has become highly valuable and collectible. We aer talking about fine old furniture items that are probably family keepsakes.
A 1930 Model a Ford has just been discovered in a little old lady’s garage. Its tires are flat and won’t hold air; its battery is dead and won’t take a charge; its leather seats are dried, cracked and break when touched; its paint is dull and worn through on the tops of the fenders; and its running boards are rusty. Basically, this old Model A is in Original condition, but it has little value.
Same car three years later and totally restored: It’s now in showroom condition, just as it came from the factory. The car disassembled, its upholstery gutted, paint stripped, rust sandblasted, engine overhauled, brakes rebuilt; it was newly painted, newly upholstered and was given new tires, new wiring, a new battery-you name it. The only thing still original about this car is the steel from which it was made. The value now skyrockets.
Now take the same model, same year, same style of car found in a similar state of originality: this owner elects to disassemble, strip and gut it and then toss the fenders and hood, chop the top, lower the body, put in on a newer car fame, replace the engine with a full-blown, super-charged Shelby Ford, replace the tires with 16-inch drag slicks and paint the car bright yellow with red flames decorating the sides. He also adds air conditioning, power windows stereo and automatic transmission and, because the door handles have been removed, remote door openers. One touch of the key fob and the door opens. Push another button and red neons light up the underneath of the car as if it is glowing on flames. Wow! What a change! In the hot-rod market, its can be even greater than that of the fully restored car.
This scenario can be applied to almost any antique. Paintings can be cleaned and restored. Boats can be rebuilt, aircraft restored, buildings abated of their original lead paint and restored, – all with one thing in common: The value is increased through refinishing and restoration.

Stirling motor with electric cooling fan

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This is probably as fast as it gets folks. First run after reoiling with an electric fan to regulate temperature. See for yourself


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